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Aqua Kyoto

London, UK

Aqua Kyoto takes its inspiration from the philosophies of Japanese Culture and the quest for finding purity out of the impure. We re-designed the restaurant layout to give the diners a overall better experience and one where a new open kitchen, sushi bar and grille is the theatre of the restaurant.

We used dark timbers referencing the traditional Machiya townhouses of Kyoto along with four large parchment shades over the dining area and abstract mirror to bounce the light in the space. Lacquer japaning adorns the ceiling which is taken from the traditional Asian lacquer work and is a European take on painting by building up layers to give a real depth of finish. We also chose an artisan copper gold finish to the dividing screens, metals and ironmongery which is an individual Japanese colour found by mixing copper and gold together called Shakudo which was a way Japanese swords were decorated.