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Bistrot Pierre

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

Bistrot Pierre provides a collection of individually designed Restaurants which have been well considered in terms of their location, size, design and food offer. The Restaurants were re-evaluated in terms of the brand, the offer, the design and the evolution of Bistrot Pierre. Robert Angell took elements which are important to the brand and provided a new concept direction without losing Bistrot Pierre’s raison d’etre.

Robert Angell updated the DNA of the Bistrot Pierre and was inspired by the regions of France which have influenced the style of cooking. The colours and materials have been softened to give a more rustic atmosphere without losing the classic Bistrot feel. ‘Its like taking the Parisian Brasserie to Provence and injecting some light and colour to reflect the local styles and flavours’.

The walls are painted in a warm soft parchment, salmon and cerise to reflect the light and give colour and energy to the dining room.

The floor is French oak with patterned tiles evoking French style and atmosphere. The furniture is classic brasserie tables and chairs. The chairs are antiqued red leather with bespoke upholstery and stud details.

All of the colours and textures are layered with bespoke designed blackened steel wall sconces and chandeliers taking inspiration from traditional decorative French ironwork. This will give warmth to the Bistrot making it more inviting and appealing.

The exterior is taking on a new look, which will be the new face of Le Bistrot Pierre with a warm French Lilac colour evoking the Provencal feel, freshness and style reflecting the quality of the food offer inside.