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Collins Room

London, UK

Robert Angell was asked to design an all day lounge bar that would be operated from breakfast through to lunch, afternoon tea and Dinner. The Collins Room (named after the late David Collins) evokes a timelessness appeal and has a lightness of touch. It is enveloped by a new glass Pavilion created by Sir Richard Rogers. The Room has a counter to act as a display for warm breakfast breads and pastries through to Afternoon tea cake and pastry displays. The zig-zag shelving rotates from morning freshness to a bar bottle display for pre-diner drinks. The Seating is comfortable and conducive for groups and couples looking to experience what the Collins Room has to offer.

The colour scheme reflects this with palate of blues and lavenders which was prevalent in so much of David’s work. Custom embroidered branches and flowers on the walls are a modern take on the de Gournay cherry blossom wallpaper. David Collins loved flowers and so this was very fitting. The floors are a custom designed marble mosaic flower petals with inlaid rugs should feel slightly as if the leaves have fallen off the trees, creating a beautiful & delicate backdrop.

The tones are soft and this is enhanced by white and pale grey Dalmatian marble details such as the opening architraves and chilled topped display counter. The lighting is witty and whimsical and the design team selected bird styled angle poise lamps that sit on the branches of the trees. Two large feature porcelain chandeliers hang from the ceiling which are also uniquely designed for this room. The Room reflects both nature and glamour. Robert Angell also designed a series of feature convex mirrors that reflect light and distort the room beautifully.