Hutong New York Hutong New York Hutong New York

Hutong New York

New York, USA

Hutong NYC is a depiction of Chinese modernisation and elegance with a twist of western culture. A streamlined modern concept taking inspiration from the Art Deco movement. It was a design style that was well known and prevalent in New York but also perhaps less known as being an architectural style know as Shanghai Art Deco in China.

Our concept is to reflect and interpret these two dynamic and timeless styles into a glamorous design that is of now. It will become a timeless classic that seeks to engage, inspire and embrace its guests and the unique cuisine of Hutong in an interior which is unparalleled and beautiful.

There are three main interior elements; The restaurant, The bar & the private dining rooms. Each area is strong in identity and there are strong forms, textures and materials which are deep and rich giving an individual vibe to excite and make its guest feel welcome.

As Guests arrive they first see and touch the knot handled door. This is a symbol of happiness and eternity. As they enter they are welcomed with a huge double height space with a domed ceiling. Warm perforated light adorns the ivory cracked gesso wall finish. Two huge porticos lined with white marble and surrounded with silver leaf convex mirrors bring reflection and movement too.

The restaurant is through one portico and the bar through the other. As one enters the bar portico you are met by a dramatic wine hall with soaring glass fronts and a mirrored ceiling to accentuate the tall and narrow space. Crushed polished metal sides give an abstract kaleidoscopic reflection of bottles, glass and light.

The bar takes centre stage and is hexagonal in shape with white marble top and a zig-zag designed oak front. Inspired by Art Deco proportions and layering of form and shape.

This is repeated down to the floor design which is herringbone oak floor and framed with black marble borders. The scalloped chrome green walls give form and shadow and this is softened by fabric walls framed with warm brass.

Shagreen leather banquettes and chairs enhance the relaxed glamour with glass rods captured in brass fiddle rails refracting the light shapes and colours within the bar.

Through the restaurant portico the guests are wowed by a triple height volume with curved polished metal chandeliers and multiple shades and layers of blue all of which is intricately lit by grazing warm tones to give a soft and welcoming ambience to the restaurant. From a dark herringbone floor the walls tower up to a ziggurat ceiling design with silver leaf detail panels. The walls themselves are wrapped in long elegant lengths of navy fabric framed with polished nickel edging and inset with blue squared gesso lacquer finishes. These textures and tones are considered to bring about the glamour of Art Deco but it's of now and this is reflected in the details and shapes of the restaurant. A centre piece white marble fireplace acts as a focal point and enhances the symmetry which is so prevalent in Art Deco design.

Glass lenses bring a jewel like glamour crown the banquette tops which have in turn be stained in ebony lacquer and upholstered in sting ray blue leather.

The dining tables are spotted with narrow beam lights each surrounded by tubular glass rods echoing other glass details throughout the restaurant and giving a warm soft glow of light and colour.

An inner lobby exposes a dramatic helical marble staircase leading up to the private dining rooms. These rooms are as dramatic as they are intimate with Shanghai Art Deco fret cut screens in brushed and stained oak. These ink blue colours are highlighted with dragons blood consoles and table plinths which give a luxurious feel which sets of the abstract carpet design inspired by the misty landscapes of the Shanghai avatar mountains. The domed ceiling feature lighting and pendants allow the light to refract and reflect to make the light dappled and soft as though shining through an Art Deco inspired canopy.

The Shanghai Art Deco details can be seen right through to the guest toilets with stunning hand painted cherry blossom wallpaper and bamboo fronted vanities oozing a quiet sophistication and style that evokes a relaxed glamour.