Library Suite, Connaught Hotel Library Suite, Connaught Hotel

Library Suite, Connaught Hotel

Mayfair, London, UK

Forming part of the Maybourne Group’s Trio of Luxury Hotels in London, The Library Suite at the Connaught forms the link between the Edwardian design and the 21st century West Wing addition. Situated on the top floor of the Hotel, it takes its inspiration from 20th Century and 21st Century eras - the departing era of the book against the new dawn of the iPad.

We wanted to provide a visual cornucopia of books to show that they are beautiful and tactile, and in fact, Libraries have played a part in our lives for centuries. The Library is constructed in beautiful Rosewood veneer. The rest of the space is light filled and spacious. It is both creative and inspiring and with book in hand, one can relax or catch up on some work in an inspirational space.