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Wild Ink

New York, USA

We took inspiration from the location of Hudson Yards in New York and the many Eastern influences from the Chef’s travels to search out new and original Asian inspired dishes.

A true East meets West.

As the main train interchange into New York, Penn Station was at one time a majestic building noted as the eighth wonder of the world by the New York press. A Roman temple like building with light filled atriums. Grand in scale and beautiful in appearance.

So, in essence, the new Hudson Yards is once again an amazing spectacle of architecture, design and a sense of newness.

We wanted to capture this energy in a vibrant restaurant for locals and visitors alike to have a great time with friends, colleagues and lovers in this busy, bustling and relaxing local favourite.

The interior is light, bright, warm in tone & grand in form but the details will represent elements of natural decay and rebirth on the new. The materials are textured, perforated & natural, accentuating grains, knots & veining but always luxurious at its core. We used organic profile details throughout to appear as if worn in gently by nature over time. The materials have a rough, less than perfect element, it is a celebration of materials in their natural form.